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The Cloud and Enterprise business opens the doors for technical professionals to reach their full potential and follow their passions in tech spaces like systems, storage, security, networking, datacenter and virtualization technology. Big data, the cloud, and bring your own device (BYOD) are converging technology trends that represent real opportunities to truly change computing history. Build your long term career with Microsoft and CYTEC.

Profile & Services 

Established in 2008, Cytec Cloud is a privately owned specialist Information Technology Recruitment Consultancy focussing on Microsoft Cloud Computing Skills. The fact that Cytec Cloud revenue is equally split between both its contract and permanent divisions distinguishes it completely from all other I.T. recruitment organisations.

We firmly believe that finding the right opportunity for you is very much about truly understanding want you want to achieve, personally, technically and financially. The fact of the matter is that all of our consultants are from an IT or IT related background which means that you will be speaking to someone who understands your environment and potential needs.

We have never believed in growth for its own sake, but viewed it as an absolute endorsement of our ability to provide a service of the highest order to both candidate and client. We believe that rigorous selection of our staff, the best training and the highest degree of commitment are essential and the only way to work. As a consequence, our company is more successful and benefits from loyal, long-term customers. Even given all this, we know we still have a long way to go.

Whilst we have a host of ever developing systems and methods which support us in our recruitment activities these are foundation stones which remain constant and enable us to deliver a quality service.

Contract or Permanent

Generally there are two types of employment status you can achieve. These are either contract or permanent. Both types of status can offer different benefits to different candidates. The differences and benefits area are as follows:


Contracting is when you work for yourself and you contract your services to a variety of organisations on a variety of time scales. This can vary from 2 weeks to 12 months (or longer!). Your prospects depend on your ability and your flexibility. You are running your own business, working for yourself, you will be responsible for yourself. There are a number of considerations you should take into account before you go contracting. They are:-

•  Are you able to sell your services?
•  Can you sell yourself as well?
•  Are you aware of the marketability of your skills?
•  Are you healthy mentally, physically and emotionally? (Remember you are working for yourself. If you    don’t work, you won’t get paid)
•  Are you flexible about the type of work you’re prepared to do – geographical area, etc? (You may have to    spend time away from home if there are no “local” contracts)
•  Hours of work and rates of pay?
•  Will you have the support of your family? (You may be out of work for periods of a time, would they be    happy with you living away from home during the week?)

More clients are having to opt for the contract option, with demands on modern day IT departments and the pace at which technology is moving forward, the ability to employ capable resources at peak or critical times, or to contribute to key project has become essential.

When contracting, you will be expected to contribute immediately and add value to key projects immediately. The advantages of contracting are independence and potentially higher earnings, but it doesn’t suit everybody.


This work is when a candidate and employer have a contract between themselves for one to employ the other. In the contract, terms will be set out. These terms will include:-

A Salary
How and when that salary will be paid.

The working hours and any other benefits that may be offered by the employer (these include pension allowances, private medical allowances, holiday entitlement, etc).

Disciplinary procedures may also be outlined.

The advantages of permanent employment status are career potential, training opportunities and openings for personal development. Employers are prepared to invest in training for their employees, long term they will gain from this in areas of employee loyalty, commitment and effort. Career advancement is an area where a permanent candidate will gain most from permanent employment.

Promotion is generally an integral part of a candidates aspiration in permanent employment, however, if candidates do not have aspirations in this area employees may reward individuals with incremental increases, challenging work or a higher level of responsibility. Employees are protected by employment law, and permanent employment is perceived as being more secure.

Choosing a Consultancy 

When you are considering something as important as a career move, you want to be sure that you are being represented by a successful, established, professional and respected agency.

People change their jobs for many reasons. The most popular are that candidates feel that they are not being paid what they are worth, they have no chance of progression with their current employer or that they are not getting the training that they want. By the time that you come to Cytec Cloud for assistance you should already have addressed these issues with your employer and are certain that the only way to get what you want is to seek a new position.

With the current lack of skilled IT professionals in the market place, employers are keen to retain the employees that they have, and the candidates who really haven’t pursued these avenues within their current company may be tempted to accept a “Counter Offer”. A counter offer is when your current employer tries to entice you to stay with them by offering you incentives such as a pay increase or the promise of future training or promotion.

However, in nearly every case, these promises never completely materialise, and you are left still needing training and promotion, but in a weakened position as your employers are now aware of your unhappiness. In the event of any redundancies or cutbacks, it doesn’t take a lot of thought to realise who would be one of the first to go.

By registering exclusively with Cytec Cloud our consultants can take the time to fully understand your exact needs and requirements, ensuring that your valuable time is not wasted attending inappropriate interviews. It is important that you have given thought to what you need and would like to gain from securing a new position, as well as the type of position and company you would like to work for.

The more information that you give to your consultant, the more defined the profile we can build of you and your perfect job. By only registering with one agency, you can be assured that you are not going to receive numerous telephone calls to your place of work which can cause suspicion from your employers and can cause you unnecessary stress.

Although it is sometimes necessary for one of our consultants to call you during the day, they are discreet, and as part of our Exclusive Service, are happily available to talk to you outside of office hours, and at weekends.

With your consultant you can plan the whole recruitment process together, including reserving days in advance for when you are available to attend interviews so that when a position arises that we know you will be interested in we can ensure that you are one of the first candidates that is interviewed, making your chances of being
successful in securing that position that much stronger.

By working with one Consultant and exclusively with Cytec Cloud, you can build on a relationship that we hope will extend not only through your current job search but through any subsequent job changes allowing us to plan your successful career progression with you.

Making the right Choice

Why would you want to use Cytec Cloud to manage your contract career?

There are a number of reasons that have made Cytec Cloud the first choice IT recruitment agency for many people.

The word customer is central to our philosophy as we treat every enquiry and everyone as a potential customer.

As a candidate and thus a customer you are always right and we expend vast amounts of time and energy in ensuring our service fits what you the tell us that you require.

This is what “you” have told us is what is important when Choosing an Agent;

A partnership with your agent- We believe that a positive working relationship is fundamental to any service and at Cytec Cloud we get to know our candidates, we look after them on and off site in fact throughout their career.

Prompt and Secure payment- we all want to get paid on time and it is important that you are confident in your agency. You can rest assured that we know how important it is for you to be paid on time and without fail upon receipt of invoice.

What this means is we get your time sheet and invoice on Monday you get the cash in the bank by Friday.

Market Understanding- All our recruiters come from IT or IT related backgrounds and in addition are trained as professional recruitment consultants. This gives you the luxury of talking to a professional who knows about your technical market whether it’s a legacy systems or cutting edge technology.

Plain old fashioned service -You our customer are our most valuable asset and Cytec Cloud won’t let you forget that, we have a range of value added services available to you. Above all this our staff are trained to think like a customer and respect for you is at the core of the company ethos.

Whatever you want wherever it is Cytec Cloud is there to help you get it.