General market expansion, Emerging economies Internet, Intranet and Global Telecomms are just a few areas that are going to have a major impact on the IT sector over the next decade. The need for skilled IT personnel is going to increase at a dramatic pace, resulting in shortages across all business areas. If personnel solutions are not found, then organisations will have the effect of not being able to support current, let alone new business. The impact on growth for successful, expanding companies will be obvious.


Traditional methods of recruitment will not be sufficient to fuel the industry need. General advertising will not attract top calibre people as employers will increasingly hold onto them with bonuses, share options and increased salaries. The solution to this is for you to work with people who really know how to recruit the best personnel for your company by employing the best methods available.


CYTEC can achieve this by the use of a specific and individual approach to your needs. Before any recruitment takes place we will spend time understanding your organisation, your business and your culture. Then we will analyse your specific requirement, taking time to identify the candidate qualities, both technical and and personal that you are looking for. Once we are satisfied that we know this, then we will employ a variety of methods to recruit that person for you. This could be traditional methods of recruitment such as database search, social media networking, events, exhibitions, advertising, referrals or if need be we will employ specific search and selection techniques.

Lateral thinking and an entrepreneurial approach to recruitment are second nature to CYTEC, enabling us to provide the right people for your organisation on time, every time.

Value Added Services 

CYTEC is committed to adding value to our strategic customer business wherever possible.

In addition to our traditional range of services we have developed a number of bolt on features which will help ensure an increased level of satisfaction from our business partners both in terms of improved service and cost savings.

We understand that all of our customers’ needs are unique and we are flexible, constantly reviewing the range of value added services which we provide.

Some of our existing portfolios are as follows:

Dedicated Account Team 

In order to ensure continuity of service, we will appoint a dedicated Account Manager to satisfy the specific needs of our clients.

Client Recruitment Guide 

Once we have established a relationship at a strategic level, we work extremely hard to re-enforce our service with line and business managers. This primarily takes the form of what is effectively a recruitment guide that is distributed to the line managers and outlines how to utilise CYTEC fully.

Information Provision 

Our ultimate aim is to become as efficient as possible at satisfying our customers’ staffing needs. We will provide on going, in depth analysis of our performance for your information.

Account Review Meetings 

In conjunction with our management reporting, we will conduct regular service review meetings. These are an invaluable way of assessing how our relationship is developing and also of ensuring that we continue to improve every aspect of our joint venture, ideally solving issues before they arise.

Our Contract Services 

Hiring a contractor from CYTEC couldn’t be easier.

With an extensive database of candidates, we are in the unique position of being able to find the skills that you need quickly and locally.

Our consultants are trained to operate your account in a professional manner to a degree to which you would expect from a business partner. Each and every one of your requirements, whether permanent or contract is treated in a dedicated and professional manner. Your account Manager will take time ands care to understand the exact person you require for that role. They are able to do this as all of our consultants are from a technical background themselves.

This means that we are able to supply competent, well-matched candidates within a matter of hours of you contacting us. It could be that we will supply you with someone who has just satisfactorily finished an assignment via us and who has a strong track record of undertaking similar work to that which you require. From there we will put our team into action and find the best candidate available within your budget. All we need from you is a job specification and an indication of how quickly you want someone to start.

Once the contractor has commended work we will maintain regular contact with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly.